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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

1 year 9 months ago

Happy National Day Singapore!!!

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

1 year 10 months ago

Risk of Hyperthyroidism

High thyroid hormone levels, if left untreated, can lead to serious health issues:

- Heart problems
- Brittle bones
- Eye problems
- High thyroid hormone crisis

Early treatment can prevent serious health issues from occurring

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 2 weeks ago

How exercise can affect diabetes and blood glucose levels

What exercise is good for diabetes?

When is the best time to exercise?

What should you do if you are using diabetes medications?

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 1 month ago

About The Thyroid

What The Thyroid Does
- The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland that sits in the lower part of our neck.
- It produces hormones that have a significant effect on the heart, brain, liver, kidneys and skin.
- Despite its modest size, the thyroid plays a critical role in the proper functioning of these organs.

Millions of People Affected
- Millions of people worldwide are affected by thyroid conditions.
- Up to 60% of people with thyroid disease may not know that they have the condition.
- Women are 5 times more likely than men to develop any kind of thyroid condition.

Common Thyroid Conditions
- Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland)
- Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland)
- Thyroid nodules / lumps
- Thyroid cancer
- Thyroid eye disease

Are You At Risk ?
*Risk factors associated with thyroid disorders:
- Family history of thyroid condition
- Recent pregnancy
- Previous radiation treatment to the head and/or neck area
- Type 1 diabetes mellitus

Risks of Untreated Thyroid Condition
*Undiagnosed or untreated thyroid disorder may increase your risk of:
- Weight gain or weight loss
- Heart disease
- Infertility
- Osteoporosis

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 3 months ago

Pituitary Gland & Related Conditions

The pituitary gland is a small, bean-shaped gland situated at the base of the brain

Despite its small size, the gland influences nearly every part of the body

The hormones it produces help regulate important functions, such as growth, blood pressure and reproduction


An abnormal growth that develop in the pituitary gland due to uncontrolled cell growth

The majority of pituitary nodules are non-cancerous

Some pituitary nodules cause excess production of one or more of the pituitary hormones

Some pituitary nodules can result in underproduction of one or more of the pituitary hormones


A pituitary nodule that overproduces the hormone prolactin

Prolactin prepares the breasts in women for eventual breastfeeding during pregnancy

Prolactin assists in testosterone production in men

Higher than normal prolactin can cause:

- Irregular or absent menstrual periods

- Milky discharge from the nipple(s)

- Reduced sex drive &/or erection problem in men

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 3 months ago

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Wishing you happiness, success and prosperity in the new year!

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 4 months ago

We Live With Diabetes But We're Not Ashamed | Can Ask Meh?

By #ourgrandfatherstory


Many people worldwide have diabetes mellitus. The rate of diabetes ranges from around 5% to 15% depending on the country.

Diabetes mellitus is a condition when an individual's pancreas does not produce sufficient amount of insulin (hormone) and/or there is resistance to the effects of insulin due to excess body weight. The end result is higher than normal blood sugar (glucose) levels.

90% of people with diabetes worldwide have type 2 diabetes where there is reduced insulin production and insulin resistance. 10% of individuals have type 1 diabetes where there is close to zero production of insulin from the pancreas.

Having diabetes mellitus is nothing to be ashamed of. Anyone can live with diabetes and still lead a normal life with adjustments in diet and physical activity.

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 4 months ago

New Year Resolutions for People with Diabetes

1. Know Your Numbers
- HbA1c
- Blood sugar levels

2. Plan your meals
- Eat less carbs
- Spread out your carb intake
- Eat snacks with less or no carbs

3. Get Fit
- Start exercising if you have not been doing so
- Increase the frequency of exercise if you have been exercising

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 4 months ago

Happy and Blessed New Year!!!

Wishing everyone love, peace, happiness and good health in 2022!

#happynewyear #blessednewyear #happy2022

Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 4 months ago

Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

From Dr Abel Soh and the staff of Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 5 months ago


Lumps or nodules can form in the thyroid gland similar to anywhere else in the body.

Thyroid nodules can be solid or fluid-filled.

90 to 95% of thyroid nodules are non-cancerous.
- Only 5 to 10% are cancerous.

Majority of thyroid nodules do not cause any symptom.

Occasionally large nodules can press on the windpipe or food pipe (esophagus), causing breathlessness and difficulty swallowing food, respectively.

There is no blood test to diagnose thyroid cancer.

Suspicious-looking thyroid nodules on ultrasound scan will need an ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy to determine if there is a possibility of cancer.

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 6 months ago

Carbohydrate Consumption For People With Diabetes

Refined carbohydrates, like white rice and white bread, have high glycemic index, which cause rapid and large spikes in blood sugar levels.

Complex carbohydrates, like brown rice and wholemeal bread, have low glycemic index, which cause lower and gentler change in blood sugar levels.

Large spikes in blood sugar level have been linked with increased risk of diabetes-related complications.

People with diabetes should reduce consumption of foods with refined carbohydrates.

They should eat more of foods with complex carbohydrates.

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 6 months ago

Dr Abel Soh was live on radio 95.8 FM this morning, answering questions regarding diabetes and obesity management.

Click on the link to watch.


Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 6 months ago

World Diabetes Day 2021

The theme for World Diabetes Day 2021-23 is Access to Diabetes Care.

Millions of people with diabetes around the world do not have access to diabetes care.

People with diabetes require ongoing care and support to manage their condition and avoid complications.

We cannot wait any longer for:

- Medicine, technologies, support and care to be made available to all people with diabetes that require them.

- Governments to increase investment in diabetes care and prevention.

The centenary of the discovery of insulin presents a unique opportunity to bring about meaningful change for the more than 460 million people living with diabetes and the millions more at risk.

If not now, when?

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 7 months ago



- Shows your average diabetes control over the past 2 to 3 months
- Done as a blood test (drawn from your vein)
- Helps the doctor decide whether there is a need for treatment adjustment


- Tells you the blood sugar level at the time of testing (before or after meal)
- Done using a glucose meter via a fingerprick
- Assists in monitoring of blood sugar levels with diet, exercise and treatment


- Measures blood sugar level every minute
- A thin sensor inserted under the skin and blood sugar level can be read at any time using a reader or mobile phone
- Allows better adjustment of treatment as blood sugar trends can be seen

#diabetes #diabetesmellitus #type1diabetes #type2diabetes #diabetesmanagement #hba1c #bloodsugarmanagement #bloodsugartest #cgm #continuousglucosemonitor

Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 8 months ago


- A type of diabetes (high blood glucose level) that occurs during pregnancy and usually goes away after the baby is born

- Usually starts around 24th to 28th week of pregnancy

- Caused by increased insulin resistance due to the hormones produced by the placenta


- Age 35 years or older

- Has parent(s) and/or sibling(s) with type 2 diabetes

- Overweight or obese

- Has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

- Has GDM in previous pregnancy

- Has history of large baby (more than 4.0 kg) or birth complication


- Baby growing larger than normal, potentially causing problems during delivery (including birth injuries)

- Low blood glucose level (hypoglycemia) in the baby upon delivery

- Jaundice and/or breathing difficulty in the baby upon delivery

- High blood pressure and/or pre-eclampsia for the mother


- Diagnosed via the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)

- Blood glucose monitoring is essential to ensure satisfactory control of GDM

- 70 to 80% of women can control GDM with dietary modification and exercise alone

- 20 to 30% of women may need medications (metformin and/or insulin injections) for blood glucose control

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 9 months ago

(Underactive Thyroid Gland)

- Excessive tiredness
- Weight gain
- Feeling cold frequently
- Constipation
- Dry skin
- Delayed menstrual periods
- Infertility
- Poor concentration and/or memory loss
- Depression

You should see a doctor for a blood test and evaluation if you have any of the symptoms

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Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 10 months ago


Low blood glucose level (hypoglycemia) occurs when a person's blood glucose level drops below 4.0 mmol/L (70 mg/dL).

It can occur in people with diabetes who are using medications such as sulphonylureas and insulin injections.

Hypoglycemia can happen suddenly and can be dangerous (especially if you are driving a vehicle or operating machinery).

Symptoms can include:

- Tiredness or fatigue
- Dizziness
- Hunger
- Sweating
- Trembling hands
- Change in behavior (moodiness, confusion)
- Even unconsciousness

1. Check your blood glucose level with a glucose meter when you encounter symptoms of hypoglycemia

2. If blood glucose level is less than 4.0 mmol/L (or 70 mg/dL), take ANY ONE of the following
- Half a can of regular soft drink
- Half a glass of fruit juice
- 5 to 6 pieces of hard candy
- 3 to 4 glucose tablets
- 1 tablespoon of sugar or honey

3. Recheck blood glucose level after 15 minutes

#diabetesmellitus #type2diabetes #type1diabetes #diabetestreatment #lowbloodsugar #hypoglycemia #hypoglycemic #insulin

Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 10 months ago

Taking Care of Your Feet in Diabetes

High blood sugar levels in people with diabetes mellitus can eventually lead to damage of the small blood vessels of the nerves of the feet.

Symptoms in the feet like numbness, pins-and-needles feeling or burning pain can result.

The bigger blood vessels supplying the legs and feet can also become obstructed due to the high blood sugar levels. The consequence is reduced blood flow to the feet and lower legs.

A small cut or wound in the foot may go unnoticed due to reduced pain sensation. The infection can spread from the cut or wound to the entire foot and even up the lower leg.

The ultimate outcome may be severe lower leg infection that can only be treated with an amputation of the lower leg.

Therefore it is important for everyone with diabetes to take good care of their feet to prevent such complications from occurring.

#diabetesmellitus #type2diabetes #type1diabetes #diabeticneuropathy #diabeticfoot

Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

2 years 11 months ago

(Overactive Thyroid Gland)

- Fast heart beats
- Unexplained weight loss
- Increased sweating
- Hand tremors
- Frequent bowel movement
- Irregular menstrual periods

- Irregular heart beats with increased risk of stroke
- Increased bone breakdown with increased risk of osteoporosis
- Increased risk of thyroid storm (many organ systems affected)

See a doctor for blood test and treatment

#hyperthyroidism #hyperthyroid #palpitations #weightloss #irregularperiods #atrialfibrillation #osteoporosis #thyroidstorm